Mosquito nets provide the maximum protection against mosquito bites while one’s sleeping. Mosquitoes should ideally be the most dreaded creature in the world since they can carry viruses like dengue, Malaria, West Nile, encephalitis, etc. Most of today’s Americans may not have a first hand experience with these diseases, but these diseases kill several thousands of kids every year in the tropical countries.

Nothing can offer as much protection as a mosquito net when you are in your bed for a few hours of sleep. It raises a physical barrier between you and the predator, which the pest can’t break. It is especially useful while you are camping.

These nets are made from variety of materials – cotton, silk, polyester, etc. They are for pure pragmatic purposes. Collapsible and self supporting nets are ideal for traveling and camping outdoors.

Direct ventilation is the path that holds open for mosquitoes to reach you inside your home. You can use mosquito screens to prevent their entry. Mosquito nets can also serve a decorative purpose as well. These come in all sorts of aesthetic designs like bed canopies, which not only guarantee protection against insect-borne diseases, but also give the bedroom an attractive look. However, for the tropical climates, it is a requirement than just an aesthetic addition. Unlike in the colder regions, here mosquitoes plague their prey round the year.

Mosquito screen attached to windows and ventilators is another option to keep the pesky insects away. The raise of a physical barrier is the most effective thing in case you are staying indoors. If you plan to stay outdoors, this won’t help. It is impractical to raise these nets at all the places you go to – even if it is for a few minutes in your garden.

While going camping, you can pack a dome net, which you can unfold to the size of your bed. It is self supporting, stays there and guarantees you a sleep that’s free from mosquito bites. It is important to have these nets while camping outside, as there are big chances of mosquito bites. If you need the net just for the bed, you can get it in a variety of shapes, colors and designs.

Another innovation is mosquito repellent nets, which have chemicals applied on the mesh or incorporated in the fabric. Though these repel mosquitoes, these come with a risk. The person sleeping under the net should be careful that his/her skin doesn’t come in contact with the mesh as the chemicals can cause irritation and reactions on the skin.

Mosquito nets are very useful while sleeping. Mosquito screens are useful while one is indoors. If you want protection while going outside, you will want to use mosquito repellents. Otherwise, you can get a fair share of mosquito bites.

You can look for more than one option to protect yourself against mosquito bites. If you live in tropical areas or if you go camping, you need to ensure protection against harmful mosquito bites. Mosquito nets are there to protect you while you catch your forty winks.