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2009 28 Mar

Getting Relief From Mosquitoes Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Natural mosquito control has gained much attention due to the obnoxious side effects of the chemical bug sprays. There are unwanted side effects of chemicals used for mosquito control. Therefore, some people opt for the natural means to control the spread and breeding of the silent killers. In a broader sense, the term natural mosquito control encompasses all the methods used without the chemicals that are used in bug sprays or as insecticides.

The most popular method used by many people to control mosquitoes includes the use of citronella. It can either be used in candles, known as citronella candles, or as a topical ointment. Usually, citronella is mixed with some other ingredients, such as castor bean or catnip oils, when it is used as a topical ointment of the skin. The ointment is believed to stop the signaling cues that attract the mosquitoes and thereby helps protect the person from mosquito bites. Various mosquito repellents that use natural ingredients are available in the market but the most popular among them is Avon’s “Skin-So-Soft”. This lotion has been extensively used by people right from its release.

Some machines have also been used to control mosquitoes which do not use any chemicals or insecticides. Mosquito magnet is such an instrument. It generally produces the same cues, including the release of carbon dioxide, which attracts the mosquitoes to the death trap. Many mosquitoes are attracted by the machine, thinking that there is presence of living beings, as the cues offered by the machine is similar, to those obtained from the living beings. Although these machines cannot be termed to be completely natural, they can be included in natural mosquito controllers as they do not use any chemicals.

Another measure for controlling mosquitoes naturally, calls for wearing clothes that do not attract mosquitoes. It has been observed that mosquitoes are attracted towards darker colors. Therefore, wearing light colored clothes can be the key to keep mosquitoes away. Beige, khaki and white clothes are recommended for keeping the mosquitoes at a safe distance.

A simple, yet sure way, of controlling mosquitoes is not to allow water to be stored in any container. Any form of standing water provides a fantastic breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore draining the standing water is an utmost factor for not allowing the breeding and spread of mosquitoes. The most common places where water can stand include water buckets, rain barrels, bottles and cans, empty plastic pots, old car tires and boat tarps or pool covers. Moreover, uneven areas in lawns or gardens, clogged rain gutters and drains, birdbaths and water bowls for pets can also act as home to standing water and subsequently the source of production of new mosquitoes.

Some people also resort to methods of killing the larvae so that no new mosquitoes are born. One of these methods uses fishes that eat the larvae. Minnows and goldfish are quite common examples of fishes that eat larvae, but the most effective is the Gambusia affinis, an expert in eating larvae. The fish is so efficient that it is nicknamed “mosquito fish” for its expertise.

By applying any of these methods, one can start a completely natural mosquito control process. It just needs a will to conquer the tiny, whining insects.

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