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2009 24 Mar

It not only helps to control the annoying mosquito bites but also the various mosquito borne health problems.

There are several mosquito control products available in the market that include surface sprays, space sprays, outdoor repellents, mosquito dunks, mosquito zapper, fogging, indoor mosquito repellents, chemical free repellents, mosquito attractant, and mosquito bits.

Mosquitoes – A Nuisance

The problem of mosquitoes is a large one. We have to eliminate the breeding grounds in areas around our homes as well as get rid of them around the world. This is because even if we are able to eradicate all breeding areas around us; mosquitoes in other areas would still fly to our part of the world.

You need to make a beginning now. Do away with all possible mosquito breeding sources like piles of cut grass, stagnant water, tall grass, weeds and free gutters of garbage and vegetation. These are the first steps of an integrated pest management program.

Use Of Mosquito Control Products

Your mosquito control program would also include the use of several mosquito control products. Here is how you can use these products to eliminate mosquitoes:

  • Make use of long term prevention techniques like mosquito dunks that clean fish ponds, bird baths, ditches, lakes, storm drains etc.
  • Try short-term techniques like fogging to kill the mosquito larvae and the adult mosquitoes alongside.
  • A mosquito zapper or a mosquito attractant can be used in the evenings for outdoor activities.
  • For a more personal protection, there is nothing better than a good mosquito repellent. Get yourself a repellent containing DEET. Today doctors recommend DEET containing repellents as the best options.
  • Sealing all doors, screens and windows is also a good solution to ward off mosquitoes. If you are not always able to achieve this then do use a space spray to kill these flying pests. Space sprays include hand-held pyrethrin fog and metered aerosol dispenser. Both these mosquito control products knockdown mosquitoes instantly. You can even try using an automatic dispenser containing a combination of both pyrethrins and aerosol. This dispenser would apply a small burst every 15 minutes.
  • Use an electric fogger for large indoor houses (like warehouses and buildings). Here too natural pyrethrins can be used in the fogging machine.

Besides choosing any or all of the above mosquito control products, you can reduce the risk through some other ways. Stay indoors when mosquitoes strike the most. This means that you must avoid going outside during the early morning and late evening hours. Even if you do have to go, use a DEET containing repellent and wear protective clothing.

You can even spray your clothing with DEET or Permethrin. DEET is available in different formulations. 35% or higher active formulation is advisable for adults Children should use milder repellents. Use DEET-free repellent on babies only after reading all label instructions carefully.

The above mentioned mosquito control products can make a difference in your life.

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