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2009 24 Mar

Enjoy summer outdoors without worrying about those little blood suckers by using a mosquito magnet. There are several such products available in the market. Most of these have harmful chemicals that affect your health. And, majority of these are for indoor use only. Out door mosquito repulsion is mostly limited to body sprays. However, you now have an alternative at hand.

To set up a mosquito trap, you first need to identify what attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can sense CO2 emission by respiration some 200 ft away. That is, mosquitoes can identify the presence of humans or any animal that breathes from a great distance by sensing carbon dioxide. This new trap uses the same gas that attracts mosquitoes in swarms. Thus, we have the formula for mosquito magnet, the ultimate form of mosquito trap.

Outdoor mosquito control is bigger problem, as the usual mosquito repellants just won’t work. You have to go for topical applications or mosquito repelling sprays. A mosquito magnet can work just fine for your yard, poolside, etc. It doesn’t need electricity. A series of magnets can even save a hiking trail from mosquito attacks. In other words, it is useful in any type of outdoors, where people stay for longer hours. Constant usage through the summer months can also help you significantly reduce the mosquito population in your area.

How It Works

As said earlier, mosquitoes are attracted to human breath. It is not just the CO2, but also the temperature and scents. A mosquito magnet works by imitating human breathing with all its qualities – CO2 emission, temperature and the different scents to which the different species of mosquitoes are attracted to. It is powered by a propane fuelled device, which continuously emits CO2, while stimulating human scents as well.

The mosquitoes and blood sucking insects attracted to the same stimulants are captured in a mosquito net. A special vacuum nozzle sucks these insects into an insect trap. They die there due to dehydration. You will see hundreds of mosquitoes trapped on the very first day of its use. Use it through the summer mosquito-afflicted days and you can significantly reduce the mosquito population in your area.

Different species of mosquitoes are attracted to different scents and you need a variety of scents in the traps. This is because, wherever there is mosquito problem, there will be a variety of mosquito species making their rounds. A variety of humanoid scents can be used to trap all those blood sucking parasites.

Male mosquitoes are not attracted to the trap, simply because they don’t suck human blood. It is the female mosquitoes that suck blood, causing irritations and even serious diseases (like malaria). Since it attracts just the blood sucking insects, there won’t be any harm to the butterflies that you love to see in your garden.

It is the best option that you have for outdoor mosquito control. Don’t run away from your garden because of blood sucking insects. Instead, fight them and reclaim your garden and backyards with the help of a mosquito magnet.

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