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2009 24 Mar

It is impossible to make mosquito control work 100% of the time – well, almost. It is not just a personal problem, but also a national global health problem. Every year, mosquitoes kill more people than sharks, tigers, wild elephants, and road traffic accidents combined. Thus, it is essential that you have an efficient system to control the growth, population and bites of mosquitoes. It is not just the nuisance of the mosquito bites that you must be vary of, but also the lethal health risks that these pesky insects pose.

How To Control Mosquitoes

There are several methods adopted for mosquito control. The most popular ones of these are source reduction, bio control and chemical controls. Source reduction is simply minimizing the chances of mosquito breeding by clearing the surroundings of anything that can cause a water pool, where mosquitoes can breed – old tyres are such an example. Bio control involves the use of certain species of fish, bat, insects, etc, to kill mosquitoes in various stages – larval through adult stages. Chemical controls include the application of chemicals at areas like marshy lands, where there are chances of mosquito breeding, and using chemical mosquito repellents at home.

Another method involves usage of mosquito traps or mosquito magnets. It is the technique of attracting mosquitoes with a propane powered device, which stimulates human exhalation by producing heat and CO2, to which mosquitoes are attracted. The mosquitoes lured to the trap are then kept in a net until dehydration kills them. Several studies have suggested a mosquito magnet is the most efficient method of controlling mosquitoes. These work in almost all kinds of surroundings, be it marshy lands or outdoors.

Mosquito screening by using mosquito nets or insect nets is another method of saving yourself from mosquito bites. If you stay indoors, this is the best method of preventing mosquito bites. It doesn’t use any chemicals and doesn’t need any electricity.

Why Mosquito Control Is Essential

It is essential due to several aspects. If it isn’t for the health reasons, it is for the reasons of convenience. It is not a pleasant experience to get mosquito bites. You will miss the pleasant summer outdoors if your yard is full of mosquitoes. You will want to get your yard, garden and outdoors rid of mosquitoes simply for the chance to enjoy the pleasant summer months.

It is also essential for obvious health reasons. Mosquitoes can carry deadly viruses of various diseases (including malaria), which they can inject into your blood. If you care about your health, you must avoid mosquito bites.

Tourism is the only lifeline for several economies around the world. Tourists won’t go to places infested by mosquitoes. Thus, mosquito control has economic significance too.

There are several other methods too, including the use of advanced technologies like ultrasound waves to repel (or sometimes trap) mosquitoes. You can try to minimise mosquito population in an area or can use insect screens to get away from mosquito bites. Whatever techniques or technologies you use, your mosquito control would not be 100% effective if you get even one bite.

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