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2009 28 Mar

The Mosquito Repellents And Mosquito Nets And Their Usability

Mosquito protection is necessary to stay away from dangerous diseases such as malaria, dog heartworm, dengue, yellow fever and west Nile virus disease. While it is important to stay away from mosquito bites, many people tend to eradicate mosquito from their own personal spaces. Both the ways can be adopted for mosquito protection, but staying away from mosquito bites is probably the more appropriate way for personal mosquito protection. There are various ways to deal with the mosquitoes, such as using repellents, wearing mosquito hats and nets and using chemicals to keep the mosquitoes away.

Mosquito repellents: Most of the mosquito repellents work by stopping the cues that make mosquitoes aware of your presence. The most popular among all is the DEET or N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide. It has been found in researches that the repellent containing 24% DEET is the most effective among many repellents. It may remain effective for as long as five hours from application and that is quite impressive compared to other such products. DEET is quite safe to use and it does not fall under carcinogens.

Apart from the lotions and gels that find bodily use, there are various other sources that repel mosquitoes from people. Citronella candles have been used for long to repel mosquitoes but research has found that they might not be effective enough. Among the various products that steer mosquitoes away from people, Mosquito Deleto and Mosquito Magnet are quite popular. These are portable mosquito traps that emit carbon dioxide and octenol. Mosquitoes get attracted by these traps and they head towards these traps rather than following human beings.

Mosquito nets: Various countries that are worse affected by mosquitoes find mosquito nets very useful and effective. The net is usually used to stop mosquito and other insects from reaching the body but it does not impede the flow of air.

Mosquito nets are used in malaria prone areas as a tent-like covering over the bed. This protects the person using the net from the mosquitoes and maintains the flow of air as well.

Some times, mosquito nets are also treated with insecticides. These insecticide treated nets were first made in 1980 for providing relief from mosquitoes, and consequently, from malaria. The nets are usually impregnated with a pyrethroid insecticide like deltamethrin or permethrin. However, the impregnation must be renewed regularly which makes these nets unpopular. To overcome this situation, long lasting mosquito nets were developed which withstood up to 20 washings. These nets also use pyrethroid insecticides and are a better alternative than the general mosquito nets.

The Cons

Although mosquito repellents and nets are quite popular ways to stay away from mosquitoes, they also have some disadvantages. The repellents are found to be harmful for children. Moreover, their oral use is one of the most influential subjects, as far as the researchers are concerned. The labels should be carefully read and instructions followed, while using these repellents.

The mosquito nets are only useful to the extent that the person who uses it is at a safe distance from the net as mosquitoes can bite through the nets. Moreover, there should be no gaps or holes in the nets so that mosquitoes cannot pass through them and bite a person inside the nets. Moreover, the nets which use mosquito repellents should be regularly and properly treated to keep them intact and effective for mosquito protection.

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