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2009 24 Mar

Mosquito traps can get rid of those pesky insects that not only cause irritation, but also can bring deadly diseases. Mosquitoes kill millions of people per year around the world. They kill more people a year than traffic accidents, leopards, whales and sharks combined. The most serious diseases like malaria are spread by mosquitoes. There are hundreds of species out there to suck our blood and to inject us with lethal viruses. It is thus essential that everyone must take steps to reduce the chances of mosquito bites.

Mosquito screens are effective for indoor use. Nets spread across windows and ventilators can prevent the entry of mosquitoes. You can also use mosquito traps of different types both indoors and outdoors. One of the newest methods is mosquito magnet that attracts mosquitoes by luring them with human breathing simulation and traps them by vacuuming into a net. These are usually powered by propane, which also acts as CO2 provider, to simulate human breathing. These are quite effective in controlling the mosquito problem. It also significantly reduces the mosquito population of any area. By far, these are the most effective traps that can catch a significant number of mosquitoes – as proven by independent researches and individual homeowners.

Before mosquito magnets, there were other types of mosquito traps such as light traps, electronic traps, etc. The effectiveness of these products varies. Most of these proved just to be a waste of time and money.

How Does A Mosquito Trap Work?

These are designed to attract mosquitoes and to kill them either by dehydration or electrocution. Certain scents and lights attract these insects. The temperature and CO2 from human exhalation attract blood sucking insects. The traps also use such scents or lights, and some other system to either kill or trap the bugs. However, there are hundreds of different species of mosquitoes and they are attracted to slightly different stimulants. Thus, to be effective, your trap needs to attract different species of mosquitoes.

Most mosquito traps also need continuous operation and almost all of them have to be connected to an electric outlet. This is a difficult situation as you won’t generally be able to take them outdoors. A get around to this problem are propane powered traps. There are quite a few brand name products using propane as fuel as it provides not only energy but also CO2 so that it can stimulate human exhalation. There is however one problem – propane burns out and you need to replace the propane tank in two-three weeks.

No trap, or screen or repellant is successful if you get at least one bite. You may need to use different techniques like insect screens and traps to keep yourself away from the line of attack by these winged parasites.

There are insect traps that can reduce the population of mosquitoes in any given area. You can get rid of mosquitoes by placing mosquito traps at strategic locations like marshy or water logged areas, where the female mosquito population gathers to lay eggs.

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