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2009 24 Mar

In order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding, one should eliminate mosquito larvae from the surroundings. It is essential to take precautionary measures against mosquitoes because their bites are painful and they spread a number of diseases.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted To Human Body Odor

Mosquitoes especially, the female mosquitoes of different species are carriers of many viruses like the West Nile virus which causes fever, body pain and weakness. This disease is infectious; that is, it can pass from an infected person to a healthy person through mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites are like small red blisters or swollen lumps. Due to the itchy sensation, people especially children tend to scratch the bitten area with their finger nails. This should never be done as it aggravates the condition and causes scars and ugly black marks which take a long time to fade.

Female mosquitoes feed on human blood for their nutrition especially at the time of breeding. They can detect humans as they can sense body odor due to the presence of carbon dioxide and lactic acid in human breath and perspiration.
If one does not take adequate protection before going to a mosquito infested place he or she can get bitten profusely all over, in no time at all. So it is absolutely essential to take all precautions against mosquitoes.

The first step against mosquitoes should be to prevent them from breeding in your surroundings. For this you should ensure that there are no puddles in your area as still water is conducive to the growth of mosquito larvae. Also empty out tubs and containers which have water stored in them for many days at a stretch. You should clean and dry the tubs and change their water from time to time. If you leave water in dishes for birds or for your pet ensure that the containers are cleaned, dried and filled with fresh water regularly.

Use Safe And Effective Natural Mosquito Repellants

The stagnant ponds in your surroundings they are excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. You can mix some mosquito repellant liquid with a low cost vegetable oil and pour it on stagnant ponds and puddles. The oil will form a film which will cut out the oxygen supply to the mosquito larvae and kill them. Also the mosquito repellant liquid will keep mosquitoes away and prevent further breeding.

Mosquitoes are attracted to greenery so if you and your kids are planning any outdoor activity you should take adequate preventive measures before stepping outside. Wear clothing which covers your arms and legs. Also wear protective footwear.

You should preferably apply a mosquito repellant cream or lotion on exposed areas of your body. You can also use some mosquito spray on your clothes if you are planning a long outdoor activity like gardening. The cream and spray masks the body odor and prevents mosquitoes from detecting humans.

Nowadays instead of chemical repellants like DEET there are creams and sprays made of natural repellants like plant oils like eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, garlic extract and the like. Garlic based mosquito repellants can also be sprayed on lawns, gardens, and plants to prevent mosquitoes from coming close to your house. The strong smell of garlic and other plant oils can be detected by mosquitoes for a long time after spraying and keeps them away.

Natural repellant sprays should be used regularly to eliminate mosquito larvae from your immediate environment.

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