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2009 24 Mar

If you are worried of spending time outdoors because of the little pesky insects, you must try a mosquito repellent. Insect repellants are of different types – electronic repellants, natural or synthetic pastes and sprays, etc. These are the common types. The indigenous population of South America has different methods of repelling mosquitoes, so do the people of Africa and Asia.

People believe that certain herbs repel mosquitoes. Garlic is a known mosquito repellant. To keep the mosquitoes away is an essential requirement as the fear of these nasty little creatures prevents you from enjoying the warm summer outdoors. Hikers usually use strong repellants like body pastes or sprays. The chemicals present in such repellants keep the mosquitoes far away.

There are more than three thousand species of mosquitoes. The preferences of each species can be different, although the same chemicals, smells, etc. can repel mosquitoes. These can really make life easier while you enjoy some outdoor fun like hiking or simply hanging out in your garden.

Natural Or Synthetic

Now people are thinking about natural alternatives over synthetic insect repellents like DEET.

The natural choices of mosquito and insect repellents include a variety of herbs and household chemicals. Oil taken from neem, cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, basil, etc. are found to be effective natural repellants. Citronella, garlic, etc. are also effective. To use these as a mosquito repellant, you can spray these on your body.

Synthetic repellants use chemicals which can be harmful to other living forms as well. DEET-containing insect repellants are usually available as sprays or lotions which you can apply to your skin. These provide protection against mosquito bites for more than one and a half hours. The manufacturers of DEET containing insect repellants ask the users to wash their skin between applications or to avoid these using under clothing and on damaged skin. This is because they can cause irritation – sometimes even serious reactions.

Alternatives To Mosquito Repellants

What is better than hiding away from mosquito bites? That would ensure that future mosquito bites are eliminated or at least minimized.

If preventing the mosquitoes from reaching your body by using chemicals is a risky thing, you can try luring the mosquitoes into a trap. Mosquito traps of different kinds are available in the market. For eg.- there are light-based and scent-based mosquito traps.

The most successful among these are mosquito magnets, which are an effective means of significantly reducing mosquito population in any area. Mosquitoes are attracted to human scents, especially after heavy physical tasks. The perspiration is higher, and so is the expulsion of CO2 because of increased breathing. All these are factors that attract mosquitoes. Using these mosquito magnets in a trap acts better than any mosquito repellant. However, this works only if you stay at the same location for long.

To get or not to get mosquito bites is a thing that you can control to a great extent. Get the most effective form of mosquito repellant that works for you and keep yourself and your family away from the deadly diseases that these pesky insects carry.

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